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What we do & Who we are

TCB Pay is an independent payment solutions provider specializing in global payment processing solutions. We offer strategic partnerships with acquiring banks, PSPs, MSPs, ISOs, Payment Facilitators and merchant through our exclusive payment-processing network. Our processing platform harnesses the latest technology to offer our partners the most convenient and secure payment solutions available. The international business community relies on TCB Pay to deliver innovative options in the ever-changing payment services industry.


Our Mission

We’re completely transparent and gladly choose long term relationships over profit. We operate on the principle of supporting our community businesses. The most compelling reason businesses switch to TCB Pay, is our team of dedicated customer service members. Our reps are part of your community. When you call us, you’re not talking in a call center overseas, they’re in our office, standing by and ready to help when needed.

Our Culture

We think the only way to do business is to serve others, do more for them, and charge less. We shaped our company and everything we do by this motto because it’s true to the values of those we do business with. We’re here to support independent business owners and take one less worry off their back, whether it be accepting payments, consulting with them on business solutions, or just providing good, old-fashioned customer service.

Our Team

Dedicated Professionals

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Benjamin Haguel

Accomplished business professional with a successful 15-year track record of profitable small to mid size business ownership. Has years of experience in business banking and international finance, advising current and new clients on potential emerging markets.
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Skyler Muñoz

Skyler has experience in both marketing and sales and is always eager to tackle the next project. She is extremely motivated, has a “get it done” attitude and thoroughly enjoys collaborating with others to achieve the best results.
Fun Fact:
Skyler absolutely loves wine! She even has her WSET II certification.
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Sumit Duggal
Credit Risk & Compliance

Sumit is an industry veteran, with extensive knowledge and experience in payment processing and Enterprise Risk Management. He's spent years establishing business optimization and risk policies across North America and Europe.
Fun Fact:
He enjoys spending quality time with his family and is a huge fan of the Toronto Maple leafs and the Pittsburgh Steelers!
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Simona Cercel
Customer Support

Simona holds extensive Sales & Strategy and Payment Processing experience. With her good humor and her professionalism, she takes care of our merchants and she ensures that their inquiries are quickly resolved.
Fun Fact:
She speaks 5 languages and she visited 62 places around the world.
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Laurie-Anh Lefranc
Marketing & Communications

Laurie is a very jovial and thorough person. She has extensive experience in Marketing, Communications and Graphic Design. She is passionate about creating funny and interesting contents for digital and printed materials.
Fun Fact:
She has a tiny Yorkie assistant, Dobby. He spends his days sleeping under her desk and running all around the office.
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Chief Pawment Officer

Dobby has been recently promoted head of Pawment at TCB Pay. He enjoys running all around the office, eating, napping and playing with the team.
Fun Fact:
He loves ripping off the carpet.

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Phone: 866-444-8585 US/CA
Phone: +44 (20) 38808700 EU
Email: support@tcbpay.com
Headquarters - US
8975 S. Pecos Rd, Suite 6B
Henderson, NV 89052
Headquarters - Canada
10 Four Season Place Suite 1000
Toronto, ON M9B 6H&
Headquarters - Europe
68 Lombard St
London EC3V 9LJ, UK
Headquarters - Mexico
Camino a Santa Teresa 1270
Jardines del Pedregal
CP 01900 Álvaro Obregón
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